I smelled you on my shirt today...

22nd July 2011


Hey Tumblr. Sorry I ditched you, but you’re hard to use when I don’t have internet access. Can we still be friends?

12th June 2011

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Cornflower de-friended me. And blocked me. For absolutely NO reason.

Are you for fucking cereal?

For some reason this bothers me way more than it probably should. 

10th June 2011

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Yesterday went really well!! The audiologist did a bunch of hearing tests to confirm that yes, in fact, I can’t hear jack in my right ear. Then she fitted me with a test BAHA on a headband.

And it freakin worked. 

For the first time in 20 years when I plugged my left ear I could still hear what was going on. Clear as fucking day.

The sound was a little tinnier than normal hearing, but it wasn’t obnoxious. And, if anything, it would provide me with some kind of sense of directional hearing (a BAHA doesn’t fix what’s wrong with your ear, it just transfers the soundwaves over to the side that works). Since the tester was on a headband as opposed to attached to a piece of titanium screwed into my head the audiologist said the sound quality wasn’t as good as it would really be. And seeing as the sound quality was pretty damn fantastic…

I’m excited.

After that I saw the otolaryngologist/surgeon who said I was literally the perfect candidate for the surgery. We talked for a bit and I filled out the paperwork to get the process started.

Evidently Cochlear, the company that makes the BAHA, is the one who goes to the insurance company on behalf of the patient to get approval. And from what the doctor and his assistants told me, they’ve got a pretty high success rate.

So… this might actually be happening.


9th June 2011

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Today, I'm going to the ENT to see if getting one of these would be a possibility for me. NERVOUS. →

8th June 2011

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Phone interview this afternoon for an AmeriCorps position out in North Tahoe. I was really excited about it but over time I’ve gotten less and less excited. Their stipend is going to have to be pretty decently sized for me to be able to afford to pull it off. Ugh.

6th June 2011

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Since Cartman wants to know what’s up with the chemical burns:

I have the world’s oiliest skin. I’m not kidding. I’ve nicknamed my face the Exxon-Valdez. I’m fairly certain the solution to the energy crisis can be found in my pores. 

You get the picture.

As such, not only is my face slick and shiny, I’m really prone to zits and blackheads. I *finally* found the solution: salicylic acid exfoliating cleanser+salicylic acid toner+benzoyl peroxide spot treatment+mattifying moisturizer in the morning; unmedicated make-up remover wipe+salicylic acid toner+benzoyl peroxide spot treatment+Vitamin E moisturizing night cream at night. I started that sometime last week. I think the BP twice a day was too much. On Saturday morning I was getting ready for my day and everything I added to my skin burned, but my dumb self kept going. Things really got icky when I put on the mattifying lotion. It hurt SO badly. And then, since I was going to be outside all morning, I put a face sunscreen on on top of the lotion (even though the lotion has SPF 15, you know how pasty I am) and that felt even worse. Needless to say when I got home my face was pretty darn red and it only got worse Saturday night into Sunday. It’s not so red this morning but it’s the driest my skin has ever been, which is pretty uncomfortable.

I think what happened was that my skin was a bit irritated from all of the benzoyl peroxide, which caused it to react badly to the lotion and the sunscreen. I think I’m going to cut the BP out of my night routine completely once things get back to normal, and maybe the salycilic acid as well. I’ll have to see if I can still maintain a good complexion while doing that.

The moral of the story: if your face burns when you’re putting something on it, you should probably remove it immediately instead of dealing with it for 12 hours like a dumbass. 

5th June 2011

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Things that totally suck: Chemical burns.
Things that suck 1000 times more than the above: Chemical burns ON YOUR FACE.

This message has been brought to you by the ridiculous things I have to do to my face to keep my skin from looking like something which would be blamed on BP. 

3rd June 2011

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Okay Tumblr, here’s a question for you. If a girl wears cleavage-exposing shirts, is it more than likely because she has low self esteem or is it because she has enough confidence to flaunt what she’s got?

2nd June 2011

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I don’t normally tout my own fabulosity, but I’m going to make an exception today. 

I am rocking a headscarf. Not just wearing. ROCKING. 
Why have I not done this before?


31st May 2011

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Unfortunate fact: I am still angsty over Cornflower. It may largely be due to the fact that I still sleep in his shirt every damn night. I CAN’T HELP IF IT IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE PIECE OF SLEEPWEAR I HAVE EVER OWNED. Gr.

Stupid boy.